Is it just me, or does Jesse Plemons resemble a slightly softer, perpetually confused Matt Damon? I’m pretty sure I’ve got that one on the money, especially watching his performance in Observe & Report, but it’s also true that he could make a very passable PS Hoffman spawn. Paul Thomas Anderson clearly thinks so, as he’s hired the Friday Night Lights actor to join his currently untitled and modified project as the son of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s magnetic post-war cult leader character.

Along with Jesse the cast has also grown with the inclusion of David Warshofsky, whose throat Daniel Plainview threatened to cut open in There Will Be Blood. Variety, who broke the casting news, apprently didn’t find out who Washofsky will be playing.

Plemons reminds me a bit Paul Dano, in that he is a young and distinctive actor that carries an inherent air of impetuousness, or perhaps plain ole goofiness. It’s those oddly warm, beady little eyes. Ultimately, it’s hard to fully take them seriously. I’ll be intrigued to see what Anderson does with him.

Who knows how large either role will be, or what part they play in a still very vague narrative, but they’re both lucky dudes for having been cast at all.

More when we hear it.

(via /Film)

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