I’m happy to announce that CHUD is teaming up with Wiseau Films to bring you some extraordinary opportunities and prizes in conjunction with a few live performances of The Room at the AFI Theater in Washington D.C. on June 10th and 11th. Read below to find out more details!


It’s a special kind of film that manages to find a place on the big screen year after consecutive year, especially in these days of shrinking windows even for the biggest of releases. The Room, Troll 2, The Rocky Horror Picture Show… these select few films that have managed to stick around and find a midnight life tend to have some special quality to them. Of course, Rocky Horror is a decades long phenomenon that has become as much habit as anything else, and Troll 2 is a cult hit that was decades in the making, with a spectacular documentary that helped make it iconic.

The Room is something a little bit different though.

If you’ve not yet brought The Room into your life, the basic rundown is that the inimitable Tommy Wisseau put together his first feature film in the early 2000s, and released the film in 2003. To get a taste of what audiences were in for, here’s the trailer…

The unique nature of the film and its star/auteur almost immediately led to the creation of a whole new sub-culture of The Room devotees who began filling screenings of the film night after night, year after year. Like midnight staples before it, common jokes and audience interactions developed, all celebrating the often baffling, always entertaining nature of the film.

Of course, The Room is not simply “bad” and to call it such is to be missing a key element. It’s no accident that Tommy Wiseau has remained a central part of the phenomenon, as it’s been his unique sensibilities, work ethic, and shrewd self-promotion that have made The Room what it is. These days The Room lives on as a midnight mainstay, an annual April Fools Day film on Adult Swim, an 8-bit flash game and more, all while Tommy Wiseau continues involving himself in different projects. While he has long promised The Room on Blu-ray for later this year and the possibility of a 3D rerelease in 2012, there is actually an exciting new chance to see The Room like never before just next month…

The Room Play/Reading

June 10 & 11, 2011 at the AFI Silver Theatre

THE ROOM PLAY/READING is part play, part staged reading of Wiseauʼs classic screenplay. Wiseau will reprise his film role of Johnny, returning to the part that made him an international star and celebrity. Original co-star Greg Sestero will also return in the role of Johnnyʼs best friend, Mark

…and CHUD will be hooking chewers up in a variety of ways. Tomorrow we’ll be announcing a contest, the prizes for which will include tickets to see the show, The Room DVDs, posters, and best of all…

An opportunity to appear in the The Room Play/Reading along with Wiseau and the other cast members.

That’s not the end though, as I’ll also be bringing you an exclusive (and very extensive) interview with Tommy Wiseau himself. Our chat includes the details of how he came to the decision to do this play, his Broadway visions for its future, as well as the most extensive discussion of some of his forthcoming projects that you’ll yet find.

You’ll also get to see the high-res debut of the awesome The Room play/reading and screening poster from El Jefe Design, a thumbnail of which you can see above.

Stay tuned to CHUD to see and read all of this excellent new stuff, and to find out how you can win prizes, or even nab a spot in the play itself!

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