After Desperation, Sleepwalkers, Riding the Bullet and that horrendous 1997 adaptation of The Shining, you’d have thought that Stephen King would take the keys away from Mick Garris and never let him drive again. The Stand I’ll allow simply for being stupid, campy fun (though it could have been so much more than that!) but that filmography is the real horror story.

But he’s not stopping yet! Canadian website got word that the Garris is writing and directing Bag of Bones in Nova Scotia, which will be standing in for Maine. King’s story is about a writer with writer’s block (shock!) who deals with his wife’s death by going to a cabin on a lake and deals with all sorts of walking nightmares.

The mini-series will shoot from July 6th through August 31st and will air sometime on some TV channel to people who really ought to know better by now.