Update- Activision just sent over this six and a half minute trailer that details the service, and surely thinks a lot of its audience because it’s not dumbed down one bit. Gotta love how the main features of this service seems to be “stats and clans!”.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will  come with one hell of a gamble for Activison Blizzard. The gaming giant has just announced plans to launch a  subscription service for their prized FPS called Call of Duty Elite. Activision will charge a monthly subscription fee for the service, which will give gamers exclusive access to content such as new map packs. Gamers who don’t care about this can just pick up the game and play online as normal, but anyone wanting for a little more will have to pay for it.

There’s no details on a price just yet but they expect it to be cheaper than other monthly subscriptions such as Netflix, and some free services will be offered for non-subscribers. The real COD nuts will be able to go online to analyze every aspect of their stats, presumably to become better digital killers.

Activison Chief Bobby Kotick, the man who made the company focus on pumping out titles annually titles and drove a few of them into the ground (bye bye, Guitar Hero), tells the Wall Street Journal that he isn’t worried about people balking about the price since they can still play online, even though he says that it’s an enormous investment.

The Wall Street Journal (and a journalist who apparently doesn’t play games) has the full scoop here.

So what do you folks think? How much content would they have to offer to make it actually worth it?