October 22, filed at 3:36pm

NOTE: After a four month hiatus for various reasons, I’m going to return to this. I know some people use this data as a weapon against me but fuck those people.Also, I’m going to do these at various points in the day so as to maintain a DISCIPLINE so some of the events will be from the current day as well as the day before.

Film/TV: Batman: Year One Blu for CHUD review. Spoiler: I don’t like it. I plan to watch A Serbian Film tonight. That ought to cheer me up.

Music:Ratatat’s Classics. What a great band. I know they’re big with the skater & stoner crowd but I can’t let that deter me. Wildcat and Loud Pipes are awesome. If you want, here’s the CHUD Amazon link to buy their shit.

Comedy: Saw Doug Stanhope last night at the Relapse in Atlanta. It was a rather magical show. He came out disorientated and had to get a little booze in him (and more importantly Red Bull) but when he got on he was ON. I’ve seen him three times now and this was the most funny he’s been and though he often made fun of some of his stances (one against Breast Cancer was actually quite smart… he wasn’t AGAINST it but he pointed out some scams within the big effort that was eyebrow raising at least. It was a remarkable show, and sometimes he got distracted by people filming him with their phones but the rebuttal and then refocus was a thing of beauty. It was a long show and it was cool at the end to recount the situation leading to his excellent appearance on Louie. A great show. If you like Carlin and Hicks, he’s basically the best guy filling those voids.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Made a mistake and forgot to grab food before the comedy show. It ran late and when I hit Prohibition the kitchen was closed. Which makes it rougher when your friends are pouring steady. I had to grab a few slices of pizza at the little Sal’s Pizzeria joint in the window upstairs. It’s literally a window that opens at midnight that you buy pizza from. It helped. I had a cocktail at the show but was treated to a delightful series of tastes from Bob the Bartender, including a Bramble, Horse’s Neck, and some other thing out of a mason jar cooked specially. I also sampled the Prohibition brand cigar, which was nice.

Family: Took the daughter to breakfast and goofing around town. Egg Harbor’s a bad ass place for breakfast. I order one thing every single time, so of course they’re taking it off the menu. Luckily I had a chat with the boss and they’ll have my six moving forward.

Friends: Last night Cesar and Renn joined me for the show. Then I stopped by to see Bob Ruede and Tom McGuire over at Prohibition. The two best bartenders in the EARTH. I will accept no arguments.

Work: Yeah, though mostly not the fun kind. This is more “how do we keep this shit going?” type of stuff.

Art: I drew a T-REX in tails and a top hat with a mustache, which my daughter named “Gozdilla’s Grandfather”. Kind of a cool band name.

Goodies: Went to the Super H Mart (Asian grocery) with my daughter to look at all the slimy sea creatures and bizarre things there and ended up with a nice array of dumplings and whatnot. What horrified/baffled to see this for sale. Did Daybreakers happen while I was asleep? Check it:

Screenwriting: Yes, on the body horror/Hollywood satire I’m quite fond of.

Projects: There’s an outside chance a very old script of mine called Noble Cause may see a new life for a TV thing.

Minutia: The weather change has jacked my pet lizards up.

Activity: Lots of walking but that’s sort of lame.

Ailments: Not a one, surprising given that my wife and mom are sick as balls.

Shrink’s Chair: My daughter’s old bed was a place I’d go lay down to clear my head and be at peace with the world. Now she has a bunk bed. I’m fucked.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The cop who pulled me over just because I did something that broke the law. How dare he.

True Trivia: I showed my wife where I keep the loaded gun. Which could be bad for me.

What Did I Learn Today: They REALLY hate Americans at the Super H if they grab a sample with their hands. I didn’t see the toothpick! I didn’t mean to insult your Asian heritage. You old bitchbag.

Link of the Day: PeterLik! My favorite photographer. If I ever grow up and become rich his shit will be scattered all over my home.

Wasted Domain of the Day: Fart.com. They just shrink url’s (CHUD becomes http://fart.com/f86s59qc). Instead they should take great speeches from history and add gas.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Watching the little man. Outdoor adventure. Cooking up some weird Asian food.

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