No rest for the wicked, as they say. And while I’ve been busy ducking and weaving Santa’s immortal lump of coal, here’s your last weekly barrage of titles for Anno Domini 2005. Next week I’ll return with an anniversary of sorts (not that you cared) and, hopefully, a rejuvenated spirit of hate mail! Thanks for reading this year, you bastards, and I hope your Holiday is/was as annoyingly awful as the next Minotaur.

Drink up!

Dark h20Jennifer Connolly seems to inexplicably brush off the advice of what not to do when visiting southern countries by taking a big gulp of Walter Salles’ Dark Water (enter to win the DVD from CHUD here!). First, though, read Devin’s review, where he states the movie is a chore to sit through. The filmmakers (Salles made the terrific Motorcycle Diaries – which you should purchase through CHUD right here while screenwriter Rafael Yglesias typed out Fearless) have corralled the type of pedigree that appears to be thoroughly interesting – C. Reilly, Tim Roth, Pete ‘motherfucking’ Postlethwaite and a mysteriously wet decaying Girl – although the end result is nothing short of a giant drop of dampness throwing you back into the days when you rushed out of your best friends home after leaving that stain. Speaking of such, it’s a rather large one accumulating on the ceiling of Connolly (read Devin’s interview with her here) and her daughter’s new low-cost apartment on eerie Roosevelt Island off of Manhattan’s east shores. Things start to go strangely out of whack as her young’un makes a new imaginary friend and the leak keeps growing weirder and bigger (like your acne!). However, we’re lead to believe that it might be all in Connolly’s mind, and quite possibly, she should think about it on a pier somewhere. Salles’ range of storytelling excelled in Diaries and here, with Dark Water dripping from the walls, it gives him a chance to try his hand at some scary sequences. Does that sound terrifying to you?

Doll – with: some deleted scenes, a featurette on the film’s extraordinary ensemble, 2 more featurettes on the making-of the film and the so-called "Sound of Terror", on top of a feature allowing you to analyze key sequences with viewing options.

2046Wong Kar-Wai makes stunning motion pictures. His In The Mood For Love should be required viewing for any elitist cineaste (purchase it through CHUD here), arguably for his and famed cinematographer Christopher Doyle’s sumptuous imagery. On top of that, his Happy Together (buy that from us here) should send most hardcore leftists into a tizzy, resulting in the molding of both church and state in our unified world. But, we’re here to discuss his latest film – 2046. Handsome devil Tony Leung returns as Chow (from his Love romp); this time a little bit more world-weary as he spends his days writing and makin’ whoopee throughout Hong Kong’s flashing neon streets. Finding himself involved with lady of the night Ziyi Zhang brings realizations of past and present both loved and lost. Is 2046 based in the future? Is it just the name of Leung’s seedy hotel room? Or is it your highest score on Snood? Kar-Wai allows you to take everything into account (except your sad pathetic life) and decide for yourself – a journey littered with lovelorn heroes as much as the life you wished you were leading. As such, 2046 remains a truly terrific film, one peppered with Doyle’s signature colors that enrapture your brain and make sweet, sweet love to your eyes. Congrats! You’re not a virgin anymore.

Love is all a matter of timing – with: interviews with Wong Kar-Wai, Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang, an alternate ending, some deleted scenes, a Numerology of 2046 feature, several featurettes (The Music of 2046, behind-the-scenes and Production design), a Music montage, and a poster gallery.

Into the BlueCapitulate yourself into Jessica Alba’s rock-hard abdominal world of Into the Blue. Paul Walker is seeking various rumors about ancient treasure buried under the Bahamas’ sandy shores, but Alba, his pouty-lipped girlfriend, is just happy living the sweet life out of Southern California’s San Fernando Valley (Viggo is pissed). The pair, with their friends, start the commotion and suddenly find themselves mere inches away from sunken 19th Century booty (and it’s not Queen Victoria’s). Director John Stockwell, who previously had Kirsten Dunst be all angst-ridden in crazy/beautiful, isn’t merely content with such a scenario, preferring to throw in another find – that of a sunken plane filled to the brim with Clapton’s immortal cocaine. With Tony Montana out of commission, the group must content with a plethora of baddies – dudes with guns and ponytails and enough explosives to ricochet across the night sky, curiously illuminating the fact that Walker and Alba have been workin’ out, man. Maybe that accounts for their seemingly improbable abilities to hold their breath for three billion seconds underneath the wavy aqua. Not that my comments mean anything anyway, simply since most of you horn-dogs out there will be thoroughly checking out Walker’s six-pack of death. And ignoring the obvious burn in the process!

I believe in you more then the profit of any treasure – with: audio commentary from Director Stockwell, 10 deleted scenes with optional audio commentary from Stockwell, screen tests for Scott Caan, Paul Walker and Tyson Beckford, and a making-of featurette – "Diving Deeper Into the Blue."

Story DosIf it wasn’t for The Incredibles or Finding Nemo (and if it were still 2001), I’d confidently say that Toy Story 2 is one of Pixar’s best films. Time has changed some of my feelings towards the film, but it’s still damned good. I could never understand why Disney would release these singular 2-disc Special Editions of the Toy Story films (especially if you’d previous purchased the wondrous Ultimate Toy Box, a collection for the ages) – other than an addition of extras here and there. Personally, I still feel that the Ultimate Box was a more-than worthy set to keep on the market, but that’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks. Has anyone not seen the second installment of Woody and Buzz’ exploits against the nefarious Toy Collector (the voice of Wayne "debuggin’ the code" Knight)? I can’t think of anyone who wasn’t moved to tears as Randy Newman plugged away at your heartstrings and schmaltz’ed up the joint. The countless scenes, which have our cadre of beloved playthings going on the adventure of their lifetimes to rescue Woody and hang out with Barbie, are still as spectacular today as they were yesterday. In reality, I suppose now’s a good time to re-watch the film and reassess such merits, considering Pixar is still at the top of their 100% ratio. Toy Story 2 proves it.

Pack your angry eyes, just in case – with: audio commentary from your favorite Pixar guys (Lasseter, Unkrich, Brannon and Stanton), a new sneak peak at Pixar’s Cars (arriving in 2006), a lot of deleted scenes, some "hilarious" outtakes, pictures, Woody’s Roundup feature, a Randy Newman sound feature, several other featuring regarding the making-of Toy Story 2 (sound, picture, etc), and some games – including the all-new Which Toy Are You?.

Grizzly StuffIf you’ve ever wanted to see what it was like to live vicariously through the feats of one crazy motherfucker, then it’s time to check out Werner Herzog’s amazing documentary Grizzly Man (read Devin’s review here, mongoloids!). Herzog takes no personal stand against Timothy Treadwell, the man who defied those around him by spending 13 summers in the Alaskian wilderness alongside da Bears (Ditka notwithstanding). Instead, it appears as if he’s interested in figuring out what drives a man to make the decision to inhabit himself amongst one of nature’s most unpredictable creatures (obviously, the Whangdoodles are numero uno with a bullet). It’s absolutely no secret that Treadwell met his grisly demise at the powerful jaws of such horrifying beasts, but what’s fascinating is the man’s story, told through the unassuming lens of Herzog’s attraction to people finding the extremes in life (without the help of some marketing firm adding a z somewhere it shouldn’t be). I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the crazy antics Treadwell blazed need to be recognized; with a statue, with a medal, or with a Bear that tells us he’s sorry.

Hey Boo-boo! – with "In the Edges: The Grizzly Man Session," a 50-minute documentary on the making of the film’s music. That’s it!

$$$What was that expression again? Oh yes, beating a dead horse to death. One of the side effects of the culture embracing DVD is that the spin-offs come faster than usual (and all of the studios are jumping on the low-risk, high-profit bandwagon). As such, the first amazing title that’s really getting publicized is American Pie: Band Camp, which continues, albeit without almost the entire original cast (Eugene Levy returns for an easy paycheck, along with Finch and his cameo skills), the further lessons learned and schmaltzy 70’s tunes in the vein of its previous efforts. Stifler’s brother, Matt, finds himself being ‘sentenced’ to band camp and its outcasts during a lone summer of presumably no fun. What’s quickly discovered though, is that the Band Camp geeks have a lot of fun, all the while teaching the immature Stiffmeister that it’s not okay to pull pranks, that is, unless the plot demands it. Coincidentally, it does, and the rest of the story has Matt falling head over poop-stained heels for a local beauty, one whom just happens to have tooted some horns in her day (sexual vagueness intentional). So off Matt sets – to make Bandies Gone Wild (how original!) – and the results should be as amazingly predictable as you can obviously guess. Goddamn I’m in a foul mood. Happy Holidays, assholes!

Bite my nuts and call me Skippy – with: Unrated Love Lessons With Ginger Lynn, some outtakes and deleted scenes, Poolside With the Band Camp Girls, Band Camp Girls Music Video, the Rover Cam Uncut, and Band Camp’s Dirty Secrets – all for your horny crazies out there.

DSV MofosI heard through conjecture that a few lowly Production Assistants were assigned to watch over a Dolphin on SeaQuest DSV, only to have it die a rather unpleasant death right before their eyes. Not wishing to anger the head producer – known around these parts as ‘the bearded one’ – the P.A.s quickly dispatched their greatest clean-up artists to make everything kosher again. While the last part is a complete fabrication, the truth is that SeaQuest DSV: Season One is arriving onto DVD and I think the general tone for most is apathy. I have a myriad of questions: does it still hold up? Did it even hold up in the first place? Why is Roy Scheider so dreamy? Do we get to see any extra Jonathan Brandis footage (preferably in his pre-Ladybugs days)? Do the special effects continue to amaze? Were there any SPFX? See, there’s too many unanswered questions of the platoon of deep-sea United Earth Oceans explorers in the 21st Century. The crazy hijinx that ensue Scheider’s Captain and crew are all about the militaristic policing action, baby, and there’s nothing we can do to stop his mission. That is, until those fateful Sci-Fi years, arriving sooner than we think.

This thing is wrapped tighter than Krieg’s wallet – with some deleted scenes.

Protect and serveWith Glenn Close firmly entrenching herself into the role of shady detective Mackey’s (Michael Chiklis) formidable boss, The Shield: Season Four arrives just in time for you to catch up before the show’s Fifth Season returns to school all your preconceived notions about how cops should play by the rules. If they’re anything like the federal government, obviously that’s a negative, although Season Four‘s strengths lie in the ensemble work done by such actors as CCH Pounder and, surprisingly, Close as the gruff-and-tough boss who takes on Mackey and earns his respect. These episodes have the team going through quite a lot of strife, as Mackey’s strike unit is split, a drug lord played by alleged offender Anthony Anderson causes all sorts of sneaky problems behind-the-scenes, and Close’s Captain Rawling discovers the tricky way of negotiating the various seizures of homes stamped sold by illegal drug money. Tensions and emotions continue to run high in The Shield‘s Fourth Season, and their cup gets runneth over with a result that leaves two of their finest deader than dead. Not only does this show take no prisoners (unless its beating a confession out of them), but it remains sordidly solid in its convictions; ones of civil rights, faith, and of alliances ready to break at every probable moment. Just make sure to stay on Chiklis’ good side, lest ye be judged … into eternity.

Get your autograph on a confession – with: audio commentary on selected episodes, 42 deleted scenes, an a documentary called "Under the Skin."

Segal!I feel like every quarter Steven Segal is pumping out some newly christened direct-to-DVD opus, and this one brings the message of ass whooping through Black Dawn, with a man playing tag with a flying kick of awesomeness. It’s the small touches of DTV brilliance that Segal strives for that I’ve noticed – whether it be dispatching his enemies with a worthy comeback (here it’s a female being a "wizard of a three night stand") or drop kicking them into the loving arms of Satan, who as I’ve heard, loves him some DTV fury. Amazingly enough, the plot, for which I had to search a goddamned hour for (thanks, Amazon!), contains Segal as a covert CIA agent named Jonathan Cold (spectacular!) who slam dunks some cold-ass Terrorists planning to blow Los Angeles back from where it came (the East coast, presumably). It’s when those sneaky assholes kidnap Segal’s lady friend that his cover is about to be thrown into jeopardy. But not before he can answer back with his own fists of Daily Double fury. Trebek never had it so good in kicking ass and taking names, all the while on a race to save Los Angeles until its too late. As such, it’s never too late to lower your standards this Holiday season and check this bad boy out.

Grow your own sizeable gut – with: some previews, an interview with the man himself (Segal, dude) and the making-of Black Dawn, surely to be worth anyone’s busy schedule.

It’s a relatively slow week, so that means I get to slack off and just show you the Cover Art for these titles. Since it’s almost time for resolutions and such, you should know that I love keeping things unexplained (especially any ‘movie’ with Ashley Simpson). It helps my word count and your ADD.

Hole in MotherMad Play DVDWolves
Definitive 5He's a real oneTaking ON
SwordsMikadoUndiscovered crap?

Target, you sonsofbitches!

Sneaking into the night like the evil devils they are, Warner Brothers and brick and mortar Targets have teamed up for an exclusive two discs of John Ford goodness – i.e. 3 Godfathers (which Ford would remake more than once) and Mogambo. Be acutely aware, however, that rumblings are that WB will be releasing these DVDs as part of a John Ford Boxed Set (music to my pederast ears) – sometime in the near future. Each disc includes the theatrical trailer and weeping from those who wished the set were out right now.

Take Your Protein Pills And Put Your Helmet On

Zathura, dude!It’s quite humorous, because I thought the original Jumanji was the bee’s knees when I was little (the film has since aged and decayed into a jumble). Somehow acclaimed filmmaker Jon Favreau and Christmas Story‘s Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) have managed to one up those childhood feelings in their rockin’ entertaining adaptation of author Chris Van Allsburg’s Zathura (out on 2.07.06 and read Devin’s extremely positive review here). Basically, the plot is identical – two children find a game that transports them into another world, one filled with magic, adventure, and a robotic performance by someone. However, where Zathura really shines is it its Spielbergian factor of wow, in essence, it picks those items that made his earlier oeuvre as powerful as it was back then so special now. Favreau’s magic is within his insistence upon using a larger-than-life Robot who has a killer instinct and a deathly ray, within his use of all-American Dax Shepard, who (I can’t believe I’m saying this) is rather passable and quite good as the Astronaut who crash lands into the two boys home, which also happens to be floating in the vast of space. Zathura isn’t for everyone, and those wishing to return to the glee period of the wonder years should be sufficiently entertained by Favreau’s unique talents.

Get me a juice box, biotch! – with: audio commentary from director Jon Favreau & producer Peter Billingsley and 7 featurettes (The Right Moves: The Making of Zathura, Race to the Black Planet: A Visual Effects Documentary, The Cast of Zathura, Zorgan, Robots and "Frozen Lisa", Making the Game, Miniatures and the World of Zathura and The World of Chris Van Allsburg).

Good luck!George Clooney’s Oscar-baiting Good Night, and Good Luck is arriving tentatively on 3.14.06. Devin never reviewed the film, but he did let some of his thoughts slip out in interviews with George Clooney and co-writer Grant Heslov (you might remember him as Arnold’s tech guy from True Lies) right here and the one-two punch of Ms. Patricia Clarkson and Mr. David Strathairn right here. Both have a plethora of questions they raise, particularly from the former Batman himself. Clooney’s second outing as a Director (the first was the wonderful Confessions of a Dangerous Mindpurchase that for the CHEAP from CHUD here!) has him taking on the very relevant topic of the media in relation to what it can do, otherwise, as Murrow himself once said – "it’s just a bunch of wires and lights" (don’t tell that to my roommate and his TiVo obsession, though…). Strathairn plays former CBS news dude Edward R. Murrow, the type of man whose honest look at life not only should set the standard for the types of moronic people we have on television (Fox News and Good Day L.A. in particular), but whose close-up against the red-baiting in congress from Ann Coulter’s Hero (Senator McCarthy) was a battle for the ages. Clooney’s film is a good one, punctuated with honest beats from a cacophony of spectacular actors who are firing off on all cylinders fully. If only I weren’t a heathen, I might recommend this film as one of the years best, but simply I must say you should give it a shot when it arrives in March of next year.

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home – with: audio commentary with George Clooney and co-writer Grant Heslov, some additional scenes, and the film’s theatrical trailer.

I think the following should only be served up with the words hell and yes, yes, and yes. Plus they’re all $6.99 the day they street – 2.28.06.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Region Free

Election ToNot only does the Asian flick Election sound damned good, but word is that it’s living up to some of the goodness spewed forth. From Johnny To (who brought you the greatness that was The Mission), comes the story of two rival triad bosses (one of whom is Tony Leung, the other Simon Yam) who must destroy one another in order to take on the infamous Wo Sing Society and become its chairman. It’s when the two gentlemen with varying styles (one respects the old code of the election, the other starts throwing money and violence at it) go at it, there’s suddenly a kink in the proceedings – the Society’s Dragon Head Baton goes missing, and with it the ancient symbol of leadership. Naturally, all hell breaks loose and your pants start rising with reckless abandon. To’s roving eye is nothing short of amazing, and his subsequent films have all proved that time and again. Therefore, I think it’s easy to comment that Election is going to be a rocking good time at the movies, one fraught with enough excellency and ass kicking as the balance of power shifts in his more modern world.

Extras include the 2-disc SE, which has English subtitles, an Anamorphic ratio, DTS Surround Sound, interviews with various people involved, and a collectible booklet among others. A single disc has also been announced, and that only has the first three extras listed above. This is a Region 3 NTSC release.

Living Dead Girl DVDCombining two things most fidgety pubescent gentlemen want – women and horrific blood – France’s Living Dead Girl lives up to the promise wrought forth by such other masters as Jess Franco and the like. A frail Catherine Valmont succumbs to the Reaper and is reawakened once a toxic chemical substance protrudes into her coffin. Upon rising from the grave, she takes stock in her past, finding her BFF Barbara living in a local castle. The two are happily locked together once again, and Barbara helps Catherine keep up her youthful figure by supplying her fresh meat to feast upon. Not only does this situation sound frightfully insane, but the story of the two girls heads somewhere north of Intercourse, USA. Catherine quickly becomes bored with her blood lust and the trouble begins. Living Dead Girl, besides being Rob Zombie’s old song, is filled with enough meditations on life, friendship, and eating flesh that to not check something like this out would be a disservice to all those Zombies currently roaming the countryside the day after the Holidays.

Like hunchback juice – with: English subtitles, a new anamorphic 16:9 version scanned and colorgraded from the original negatives, unique quality level, newly remastered sound, an introduction with Director Jean Rollin, interviews with Françoise Blanchard, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and Philippe D’Aram, audio commentary with Françoise Blanchard, an alternate scene, a slideshow, some trailers, a soundtrack CD and a 64-page book (in English) highlight the whole 3-disc set. This is an All-Region DVD.

Like Your Dog’s Boner

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SeaQuest DSV: Season One is $43.92
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