"We’ve traced the call — it’s coming from inside the house!!"

Even if you never saw the 1979 original home invasion thriller When a Stranger Calls, which starred a young Carol Kane as a babysitter menaced by a murderous creep with a phone fetish, you’ve probably heard that line of dialogue. It’s really the whole movie, or the parts worth seeing — the villain does indeed get inside the isolated home to terrorize our ostensible heroine and do horrible things.

Simon West (Tomb Raider) was released from Director Jail long enough to helm this cheapie remake with a relatively unknown cast. It’ll be interesting to see if this PG-13 update has the stones to keep the hard aspect of the rather lethargic original (if you saw it, you know our babysitter probably won’t get too many other jobs involving the care of children). Or at least avoid "Wassaap!" gags.