Aside from a few snaps of star Milla Jovovich locked and loaded, things have been relatively quiet regarding Kurt Wimmer’s next sci-fi action flick Ultraviolet, which I pray is not a harbinger of quality (although Equilibrium received virtually zero promotion, and that movie turned out to be pretty decent).

But now we know a couple of things for sure (or as sure as things get in the movie biz): the release date is February 24, 2006 and the rating is PG-13, this according to the just-launched site that is otherwise still barren of content. The movie takes place in a futuristic world where humans wage a civil war with "infected" vampire-like beings, while Milla plays the titular kicky chick caught in the middle trying to protect a young boy marked for death by the government.

The story may not sound that original, but Wimmer has previously stated he’d be attempting to take action sequences to an ambitious and innovative new level far beyond what he did with Equilibrium‘s "Gun-Kata". At least now we know (barring schedule shifts) exactly when we’ll get to see what Kurt has pulled out of his pocket.