El Mayimbe of Latino Review says directors bail in 3s…so while we wait for that elusive third helmer to bail on something big, you can read this one!

According to Variety, David O. Russell has left Drake’s Fortune over “creative differences.”  There are no further details at this time, so we don’t know if the tenative and unpopular cast — led by Mark Wahlberg — leaves with him.

Russell was an incredibly contentious choice for director.  Fans of the Uncharted series have been screaming about him for months, while fans of The Fighter pointed it was David O. goddamn Russell, and he deserved the benefit of the doubt.  Even if that meant Mark Wahlberg, and a strange father/son/uncle dynamic with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci.

It never did seem to fit right, though, even if you’re a big fan of Russell and wanted to see him tackle something geeky and genre oriented. This feels like the inevitable outcome.

Maybe Nathan Fillion will get to read for the part this time.