It was a very slow news day yesterday, but I missed this for all the Attack the Block tweets.

Alexander Payne’s The Descendants finally has a trailer up at Apple. And if you loved the way Payne dismantle Jack Nicholson, Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, you’ll love to see him bruise George Clooney.

It’s a heartbreaking, funny, and bitter little trailer, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of little clips of this come award season. This feels like the first step in the journey of Old Clooney. He’s still handsome, classical, and serious enough to play a lot of roles, but every actor finally hits a point where they start having to play dads and retirees instead of assassins and lawyers. Watching him frown his way through The Descendants suggests it happened as fast for us as it did for Clooney. Now, let’s sadly contemplate how long it will take for another heir to Cary Grant and Clark Gable to come around.

I’ve embedded the trailer below for those needing a quick hit, and it is in HD, but you probably should be good and visit Apple for the poshest and most official version.