csaKorea is king! Once upon a time Asian film was all about
Hong Kong, but now the talent seems to have really shifted to Korea,
which is home to luminaries like Park Chanwook among others. Dreamworks
(a subsidiary of Paramount) has seen the potential in Korean cinema and
will be bringing American audiences the most expensive Korean film ever

It’s called Typhoon,
and it cost at least 15 million dollars (I know that “most expensive”
and “15 million dollars” make “Korean cinema” sort of equal “Jamaican
bobsled team” in your mind, but these guys get their money’s worth).
It’s also the biggest hit in the nation’s history.

Typhoon is
a pirate movie! It’s about modern day pirate planning a massive raid
on North and South Korea. What’s he planning on stealing from the
North, scurvy? It will be the first time an American major has bought a
Korean film, although with Park working on new movies like, You’re a Cyborg, I’m OK and Live Evil, maybe this will be the beginning of a trend.