csaThe fourth episode in the greatest saga of our time is coming to DVD on December 26th. That’s right – American Pie Presents: Band Camp (http://www.americanpiemovie.com/).
In this installment, the series moves boldly beyond the shackles of the
main cast members, focusing on a scenario where Stifler’s brother gets
sent to that wacky band camp where you play flute with your pussy.

got a contest tied into this, and it’s a neat one (they’re all neat
ones. I don’t go through the trouble if they’re not neat) – we’re
giving away all the American Pie
movies. Today we’re giving away five copies of the first, tomorrow five
copies of the second, Friday five copies of the third, and then Tuesday
we’ll have five copies of the box set of the first three and the new American Pie Presents: Band Camp.

you have to do is send me your mailing address. I will be drawing
winners every morning, so you can enter daily. If you don’t win the
first one, keep trying for the second, and so on! But if you don’t win
the first one, I will be keeping your name in a pool to draw on the
last day.

Send your email, with PIE in the subject line, to devin@chud.com now!