’s a good day for the forces of reason. A Pennsylvania court held up what we all know – Intelligent Design is nonsense, and that the people who believe in it are the kinds of retards who would have declared fire came from the devil back in the day. I wish these people would shut up and let us have our century – maybe we could donate some Renn Faires to them so they’ll have someplace where they’ll feel current.

On the movie front, Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain is doing better than anyone expected – even in the red states. I love this, because while I take plenty of shots at the red states (shots like, “Hey guys, the ongoing war in Iraq is completely your fault!”), I know that inside these havens of dopes and throwbacks live plenty of real, thinking people. And they’re not letting the fact that Brokeback is a “gay” movie stop them from seeing it.

Or maybe they’re seeing it because it is a “gay” movie (and it’s not really a gay movie – it’s written and directed by straight people, and it stars one guy who I am positive is straight. The other one, well…). Every time one of you red state dwellers goes to see Brokeback Mountain, you are scoring a victory for the modern world. You’re also seeing a very good movie – even conservative dumbass Michael Medved admitted that besides the gay stuff he liked Brokeback very much. I hope Jerry Falwell prays to God to take him out for betraying their side!

Brokeback is currently playing in a very sexy 69 theaters, where it’s been breaking records. Focus was going to roll the picture out to 250 screens by January 13th – now they’ve changed that to 3-400 by the 6th. And you can thank the people of Texas and Arizona and Florida who have been going to see the movie. I think that Focus honcho James Schamus was completely correct when he decided to buck common wisdom and aim this picture at the heartland.

And I think that the evil pundits and talking heads of the right are completely correct when they worry what kind of an effect this film will have on the country. Brokeback is a beautifully made movie about two very normal people. It shows you that their love is natural, and the only unnatural thing between them is the shame and fear they must live with. It shows that what ruins their lives isn’t being gay, but the way society won’t allow them to be gay. And it shows how their misery ruins the lives of the women they marry as they attempt to be “normal.” This film will show people that gays aren’t just about sex, one of the most vicious and hateful misconceptions put forward by the forces of intolerance. This film will be an important aspect of the ongoing culture war – you know, the one where we protect our culture of freedom from the religious fundamentalist fanatics, whether they live in Iran or Alabama.

So for those of you who live someplace about to get Brokeback Mountain, I urge you to see it in theaters. Not only will you be standing up and making a point about tolerance, you’ll be seeing a really good movie. And for those of you who somehow think that Brokeback is the sort of film you can wait to see on DVD, you’re wrong – it’s the only movie in theaters right now that demands to be seen on the big screen. CGI action scenes and stagey musical numbers and brooding revenge stories can all be enjoyed equally well on your TV, but Ang Lee’s astonishing vistas should be seen writ as large as possible.

And then send your ticket stub to Bill O’Reilly.