Tonight, I bring you the second part of my epic interview with the Spymunk. Enjoy!

<Anderson> 4) Who is the best Chipmunk?

Spymunk: The best chipmunk?  I don’t think that’s something I can choose – they’re all unique and I think the strength of the characters is how they interact with eachother.  They really are a family – and you get a snese of that from the first songs through to the new movie – it’s the same theme that’s conveyed in every incarnation of the characters, but it’s not that fake Family-Uber-Alles idea you get in so much of the family interaction.

<Anderson> 5) How would you seduce the Chipettes?

Spymunk:  This
requires some thought.  Actually, I’d just listen to them!  Brittany,
Jeanette and Eleanor always had good points in the Saturday-morning
series, reasonable contributions – but the guys rarely listened to them
until it was too late for their good advice to help.  Sure, sometimes
they were blinded by their own foibles, but too often they’re ignored. 
I’d listen to them and treat them with respect.  I know that people
always talk about how girls don’t respect a guy who treats them well –
and Alvin and Brittany’s relationship suffers from this sort of
love/hate from time to time.  But I like to think that they’d be
pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a guy who cared about
what they have to say.  Of course, I’m sure that it would eventually
degenerate into a bitchy gossip session about the guys.  And what’s
wrong with that?

<Anderson> 6) How Would you seduce the Chipmunks?

Spymunk:  Now
this I can answer right off the top of my head.  It’s not like I’ve
THOUGHT ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME or anything.  Simon, I’d go to an
observatory with him and watch the stars after a lecture about black
holes or cosmic phenomenon.  Simon loves to study astronomy.  Theodore,
I’d go with him out to a fancy Italian restaurant and ask him all kinds
of questions about the different dishes we were eating.  Alvin, I’d go
with him to a rock concert – HARD rock!  And then, of course, after
whatever event I just described, we’d go back home to their place, and
then we’d get down to the rimjobs.

<Anderson> 7) Why Rimjobs?

Spymunk:  Why
do you think?!  I mean, come on!  OK, that’s not a fair answer.  It’s
just an obsession I have.  The very thought makes me crazy with insane
intensity!  I don’t really know;  It’s just the perfect thing to me,
like getting my chocolate into your peanut-butter or however it goes. 
Yeah.  Alvin.  Simon.  Theodore.  Rimjobs.  What in the world could
possibly be better?  Nothing, that’s what.  Mmm.  Aside from that, it’s
hot as hell as a general concept, to me at least.  Yum.  Yum yum yum.

<Anderson> 8) What’s your favorite Chipmunks episode

Spymunk:  Perhaps
curiously, my favorite episode isn’t really Alvin-centric.  It’s “Good
Old Simon.”  It’s an episode in which Simon is basically put-upon as
the older brother to be the responsible one and we see how Dave really
depends on him all the time to have to be the Good Son out of the
three, and it gets to be too much for Simon.  It’s a great episode. 
Another one I love is “The Spy Who Bugged Me” about a visit to the
Orient Express.  But I love all the episodes before the switch over to
Nelvana animation.  After that point, a lot of the craft and skill
drained out of it.  THE CHIPMUNKS GO TO THE MOVIES is just
painfully-drawn.  Some ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS is better than none, but
the Nelvana shows just feel really devoid of “the love” that clearly
went into those pre-Nelvana episodes.  I don’t want to be negative
about them, though.  Don’t you have more questions about rimming Alvin?