casThe latest strange sensation from Japan is coming to
America tomorrow on DVD – The Fuccons. It’s a family of mannequins, and
it’s just as disturbing as the mental image you have conjured. To
celebrate the invasion of this nightmare-inducing novelty, we’re
running a cool Fuccon contest – you can win copies of the new Fuccon
DVD, Meet the Fuccons or two tickets to New York Comic-Con, with guests like Jim Lee and Kevin Smith, from February 24th to the 26th.

Check out an exclusive episode of The Fuccons, Family Crisis, where young Mikey walks in on his parents doing… it. Mannequin style. Click here to watch.

you want to win DVDs or that pair of tickets (you have to get yourself
to New York City, by the way – we’re just getting you into the Con)?
All you have to do is send me:

– your name

– your address

– a caption for the Fuccon screen capture below. Make it funny!

Send all that to with FUCCONS in the subject line.

let me know if you’re just entering for the DVD! If you want to win
Comic-Con tickets, make sure you can get to New York City!

And check out the official American site for The Fuccons right here. Meet the Fuccons, by the way, is only going to cost 6 bucks. You cannot beat that.