Director Terry Gilliam’s infamous misfortune apparently followed him to The Brothers Grimm – budgetary issues, studio interference, release delays, etc. But unlike The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, at least he got to finish it, so the Celluloid Deities must have accepted whatever sacrifice he offered during production.

The ambitious action-adventure-fantasy-comedy stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the titular brothers, a pair of wandering con artists who "save" villages from enchanted hoaxes until an actual magical curse forces them to play the roles for real.  Also appearing in Gilliam’s latest headtrip are Peter Stormare, Lena Headey, Richard Ridings, Mackenzie Crook, Jonathan Pryce, and the breathtaking bosom of Monica Bellucci.

I can’t yet vouch for just how much of Gilliam’s vision actually made it into the final film (my DVD review should be up later this week), but you can find out for yourself – since we’re in the holiday spirit, we’ve got a cart full of The Brothers Grimm DVDs to give away to lucky CHUD readers. Just use the link below, send along your full name and address, and answer these questions:

1. Of all the Terry Gilliam projects to never reach fruition (and there are many), which one do you most regret not becoming a reality?

2. Tell us your favorite film/TV retelling of a Grimm Fairy Tale, the more imaginative selection the better (and if you answer Shrek, you’ll be launched from the planet via catapult).

3.  2005 was not the greatest year for movies. Tell us your favorite CHUD review of one of the year’s worst films.