Spurlock, whose great film Supersize Me drew the ire of the kind of soulless assholes who defend nutrition-free megacorps like McDonalds, and which actually led to a real change in the world, is coming back to cinemas with a new documentary, The Republican War On Science.

The documentary will be based on Chris Mooney’s book, which examines the dangerous and dishonest ways that Republicans and other conservative elements ignore, or worse flat out distort, science to meet their own nefarious ends. This subject couldn’t be more timely: the effects of global warming are becoming more and more obvious while the US continues to balk at taking measures that could help us all; religious fundamentalist extremists keep us from pursuing stem cell research that could make a monumental difference in the lives of the sick; and flat-out ignorant assholes attempt to move our nation out of the modern age and back into a superstition based creationism view of the universe. You can buy Mooney’s book through by clicking right here.

Spurlock has recently done a docu series for FX, so it’s nice to see him coming back to the long form. And I hope that he gets this movie done in time for the midterm elections, although I don’t think it’ll happen.