So, that Mel Gibson, he’s pretty much totally nuts now, huh?  Maybe you’ve seen him with that wacky Bin Laden beard, like he’s trying to channel the skills of all his celebrated filmmaker peers through facial follicles. Maybe you saw his last directorial effort, where Jesus gets physically brutalized for half the running time.

Or maybe you heard about Apocalypto, his upcoming historical action epic flick (which he’s directing from his own script) that revolves around an ancient civilization… and will be told entirely in Mayan dialogue. Making a movie in a dead language might sound like a risk, but I think it paid off handsomely the last time he tried it. Yeah, those Braveheart accents were thick.

Anyway, a quick bit of footage from the movie aired on Entertainment Tonight, providing rapid glimpses of shirtless running guys and other culturally specific scenery. The Movie Box now has it online, you can check it out RIGHT HERE.