Continuing the bleak streak he’s been following with Sin City, Hostage and The Whole Ten Yards, Bruce Willis is keeping things grim with his latest project, a dark drama called Morgan’s Summit.

Willis plays a late night radio personality who dedicates his time slot to encouraging stories and positive music, but he quickly turns from optimist to realist when a vicious criminal act changes his life and sends him on the road to revenge. The movie is written and directed by Oscar-winning Dead Poet’s Society scribe Tom Schulman, who must’ve recently been paroled from Director Jail – his last film was 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag.

Even though Die Hard 4.0 still waits in the wings, Willis has been plenty busy acting with raptor Mos Def in 16 Blocks, with fellow wig club member Billy Bob Thornton in The Astronaut Farmer, with ex-boy bander Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog, and with an extensive cast in the atrociously titled crime thriller Lucky Number Slevin. It’s also conceivable he’ll pay another visit to Sin City, despite his fate – the sequel’s story takes place before Robert Rodriguez’s film, and Frank Miller is apparently writing new material for Sin City 2. Though I’d rather see Bruno put on the eyepatch for Marvel’s Nick Fury flick.