May 20

Film/TV: Braves lose. Sad. Ness.

Music: Finished ‘Cell’. Pretty good. Not horrible, though vague as hell. Felt almost like “Old King” when he was great. Speaking of great, WEEN:

Comedy: Shit no.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Assorted fruits. Chicken sandwich. A little bit of coffee. Not much else.

Family: It was my daughter’s dance recital. Two and a half hours of uninspired Peter Pan bullshit. Nightmare, and a nightmare that included the worst music in town. Thanks for making me watch some little girls dress and dance like whores! Sofia was one of Captain Hook’s pirates and had MAYBE five minutes. She was adorable. The event was FUCK. It took us an hour in the sizzling heat to get there too. Thanks Georgia Dept. of Transportation!

Friends: Saw ex-bandmate and good pal Dave Krosner at the recital. His daughter’s my daughter’s best friend. His son, who is 5, asked him if we were in the theater where Lincoln got shot.

Work: Oh yes. Loads of it! Was a good day. We’re getting back into position to be great and consistent.

Animal of the Day: Soon.

Art: Shave your mind.

Goodies: I got a program for a dogshit kid’s recital!

Screenwriting: I banged my head against the wall.

Projects: Yes. Good potential financial backer info for one.

Minutia: The high school the recital was at felt like the Pentagon. Fucking huge. If you bounced a golf ball down the hallway it’d take ten minutes for it to reach the other end. Massive. Shit, we’re overpopulated.

Activity: I was devastated from the previous day so no.

Ailments: Bag of smashes, I was. Just wholly hammered by Earth.

Shrink’s Chair: How does someone let their 7 or 8 year old girl go and do stripper moves to stripper music in tights in front of hundreds of people? That recital was like a Farmer’s Market of assorted kiddie parts. You have to think that some sick fuck would worm his way into one of those and build a database of fuck in his shitty mind.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Whomever at our Department of Transportation’s idea it was to narrow highway 400 to 2 lanes when you hit Forsyth County. Bottleneck of bottlenecks!

True Trivia: I could perform the entirety of Grease as a young man.

What Did I Learn Today: Just because your kid’s involved doesn’t mean something is of merit.

Link of the Day: Sho Kosugi Fansite. NOT ENDORSED BY THE LEGEND.

Wasted Domain of the Day: I found the navigation uninspired and I was unable to quickly access a large-headed fake animal to fall in love with

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Kids. Steve. Relatives. AT ONCE.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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