May 25

NOTE: The past few days involved me being sick, lots of useless work that doesn’t do anyone much good, and family related things so I am picking up with TODAY so I can get this ship back on track. Apologies to those who actually read this.

Film/TV: The latest The Killing. FUCK THAT SHOW. Attack the Block. Make love to that movie.

Music: Been listening to Under the Dome. That reader is hot dog ass, but so far it’s entertaining enough. I can already tell this is gonna piss me off. Worked on some tunes, but enjoy a really amazing live performance of Medeski, Martin, and Wood’s End of the World Party (one of my favorite of theirs off my favorite album of theirs:

Comedy: Jokes were made, laughs were had.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Cold’s been kicking my bun, but I decided to make sure to enjoy the day. My aunts were leaving town so we went to R. Thomas (a must visit in Atlanta). We had their great chips/hummus/salsa and then each had a burger that made the soul smile. It’s a perfect blend of a healthy joint and a hangout. 24 hours a day. Also had a nice bit of carrot juice and some wheatgrass. At The Independent before the flick (visit) had vital booze and smoke while prepping. Afterwards, we had some suds.

Family: I carried Aunt Irene and Aunt Gloria around town and hung with them. They’re my father’s sisters (he passed away in 1999 if you didn’t know) and were here to see Mom as she recovered.

Friends: A whole mess, old and new. They came out in force for Attack the Block. A good screening, a good group. Was a weird mix and some interesting changes. It was like a version of the “CHUD Bubble” of 2001 except OLDER. Much older.

Work: See above. Yesterday was about the screening.

Animal of the Day: Look away, it’ll only hurt.

Art: I drew a Jabba the Hutt on a napkin.

Goodies: NO.

Screenwriting: NO.

Projects: NO.

Minutia: There has to be a crossroads someone reaches where they feel “Holy crap I’m almost a hipster” and then DON’T.

Activity: Nope.

Ailments: Cough. Headache. Sore Throat. Dinklage.

Shrink’s Chair: Aloof is a new character trait I plan to employ more.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Dude who was in charge of gas mileage for the Mazda RX-8 & and the longtime Chewer who had a pass to the screening from the wrong site.

True Trivia: I keep my A/C at 70. If I could I would at 65.

What Did I Learn Today: I have some readers who have been around for a long time. One who is in college has been reading since middle school.

Link of the Day: They’re trying to keep the Whig Party Alive! It’s like a curbside lemonade stand, but for politics.

Wasted Domain of the Day: That should be loaded with cool Crucifer trivia and photos!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Watching the kid (this is happening a lot lately), recording a video, living

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