Moviefone has just premiered this first official poster for John Carpenter’s The Ward. It’s definitely better than the last one but those arms in the middle look so bizarre. Reminds me of this.

The official synopsis and trailer-

The Ward is an intense psychological thriller set in a mental institution where a young woman, Kristen, is haunted by a mysterious and deadly ghost. As danger creeps closer, she comes to realize that this ghost might be darker than she could have imagined.

Kristen, who is in her early 20’s, wakes to find herself bruised, cut, drugged, and held against her will in a remote ward of Chamberlain Psychiatric Hospital. She is completely disoriented with no idea why she was brought to this place and no memory of her life.

The other patients in the ward, four equally troubled girls, offer no answers, and Kristen quickly realizes things are not as they seem. The air is heavy with secrets, and at night, when the hospital is dark and foreboding, she hears strange and disturbing sounds. It appears they are not alone.

One by one the girls disappear, and Kristen must find a way out of this hellish place before the ghost comes for her, too. As she struggles to escape, she will uncover a truth far more dangerous and horrifying than anyone could have imagined.

U.S. audiences will finally be able to check out the film for themselves on June 8th when it hits VOD platforms. It will also get a limited theatrical release on July 8th. Not quite the fanfare that a new Carpenter film would have commanded two decades ago, but reactions to The Ward have been mixed, to say the least. Still, it’s a new fucking Carpenter film in theaters. You can’t miss this.

Check the official site for more and watch the awesome title sequence.