has moved Ghost Rider seven whole months from July 14th, 2006, to February 16th, 2007.

Uh oh.

The studio says that the move is a positive one – that the summer is crowded, that between Sony’s five divisions they have more than enough movies to think about ("I think everybody is looking at their release schedules in ’06 and trying to avoid some of the traffic jams," Sony vice chairman Jeff Blake told Daily Variety. "Seven films for a summer is a lot."), that Daredevil did quite well I that time period. Still, a move from the summer to the winter is not a vote of confidence.

What’s more, Marvel is going to have to rejigger lots of tie-in stuff and ancillary deals. That’s not happy news for the new studio.

What’s going to be funny is Comic Con this year, since Sony trotted out the Ghost Rider folks at last year’s Con. Maybe everybody will be back again. The real tragedy is that Nic Cage was trying so hard to get into a superhero film and this is the one he’s stuck with.