csa“The biggest cover up in the history of man.”

These words are spoken over an image of Tom Hanks in a wooly hairpiece. Who said trailer editors don’t have a sense of humor?

The trailer in question is The DaVinci Code, Sony/Columbia’s big picture for 2006. It’s based on the Dan Brown book, which is in turn a poorly written and complete rip-off of a book called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. There’s a lawsuit.

The trailer itself also features the funniest looking chase scene in history, an awful lot of paintings, and some flashing letters that will probably lead into a well-written online mystery puzzle of some sort in the coming months.

I’m no fan of The DaVinci Code book, even though I couldn’t finish it. I am very sensitive to utterly shitty prose, you see. And I had already read Holy Blood, Holy Grail YEARS back, so there was nothing new for me in Brown’s book. Here’s the thing – shitty page turning reading is one thing, unless that shitty page turning reading is blatantly stolen from better shitty page turning reading.

But the movie’s another matter. The trailer has actually piqued my curiosity to see what Opie has done with the story. And I like to imagine that if this film does well he can pour all the profits into Arrested Development.

See the trailer here!