there hope for fans of Arrested Development? Could another network pick up the beloved – and little seen – comedy?

ABC and Showtime have been in talks with 20th Century Fox to get their hands on the show, which Fox has all but cancelled, leaving us with only 13 episodes this season. Arrested Development isn’t being cancelled because Fox doesn’t like the show, but because you bastards in the world don’t watch it. And because it’s expensive – it’s estimated that Fox loses $400,000 per episode. Seems a small price to pay to bring me the funniest show on television!

Showtime is apparently playing hardball here, really looking to get the show. The network could use it, as acquiring Arrested Development would bring them the coveted Devin Faraci demographic, as I would finally order the channel from my cable provider.

Let’s not get our hopes up too much here. Let’s just enjoy each episode as it comes, and be thankful that we got this many of them in the first place.