From the mind behind the mega-hit Syfy show you’ve probably never heard of (EUREKA) comes a tribute to all those no-budget Syfy original movies and the “so bad, they’re good” films that inspired them. Move over Roger Corman, step back Ed Wood, make way on your weekend programming schedule Mr. Stern, because here comes Andrew Cosby’s 365 DAYS OF SCI-FI.

And it’s all happening here! Each day, your friends at CHUD will bring you a brand new bad movie pitch — the best of the worst title Cosby can come up with, no matter where he’s at or what he’s doing, rain or shine, drunk or sober. That’s a whole year of the quality concepts you’ve come to expect from the network that brought you MANSQUITO and SHARKTOPUS.

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“Given that the Rapture is supposed to begin today at 6:00pm (not sure what time zone that’s in, so just be ready), I thought I’d get a little spiritual with this latest offering.”

- Andy Cosby (Twitter)


THE NAME OF GOD: The stream of photons emitted by the universe’s creation, popularly known as the Big Bang, are still spreading and can be “heard” as Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, which was officially identified in 1965 by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson. Since then, using state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment and advanced algorithms that extrapolate the nature of this sound from oscillations in the radiation, scientist have been able to recorded this echo as well as other sounds from the past that are still floating out there somewhere in deep space.  On May 21, 2011, while testing their new satellite communications technology, Gen-Com Industries managed to capture one of these echoes.  But this one is unlike any before encountered.  It’s the sound is God’s true name, which He spoke only once at the dawn of time, thus giving birth to the universe.  A literally miraculous discovery.  Tasked with protecting this ‘word of God”, which has the ability to create and un-create life, and possibly the universe itself, a team of highly specialized Vatican operatives are dispatched to retrieve the recording and the technology that captured it. Unfortunately, before they arrive, the Word has already fallen into the hands of fundamentalist terrorists who plan to use it to bring about the prophesied Rapture.

Nick Says: Pretty cool, Mr. Robert Harris except sane and talented!





This article series is in no way affiliated with SyFy. This is a creative experiment and ongoing test of nerves that is perpetrated by a few insane people and should be construed as such. If for some reason these people actually make one of these as a feature it must be chalked up to their own lunacy. These are the intellectual property of Mr. Andrew Cosby and not the property of or SyFy.