ewPierce Brosnan may be out of the 007 business, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the spy world for good. The ex-Bond has signed on to star in The November Man, based on Bill Granger’s novel There Are No Spies, part of his November Man series.

What’s it about? Variety says: “Coldly effective but suspicious American spy-runner Hanley inadvertently fouls up a deeply embedded Russian mole’s scenario when he warns "sleeping" agent Devereaux ("November") that something has gone amiss in R Section. Rudely forced out of retirement in Lausanne by two hit men, the calm, collected, and utterly cynical Devereaux enlists the aid of former contacts in determining the truth of Hanley’s allegation.”

Brosnan’s latest film, by the way, is truly great. In The Matador he plays an international assassin who makes friends with a salesman – it’s funny and honest and just a complete blast. And it has some of the best (and filthiest) lines of the year, all delivered by the once-suave Bond.