qwdA title like Fed X is so evocative. To me it says, “FBI agent becomes angry black muslim, hilarity ensues.” To Hugh Jackman and his production company, Seed Production, it says “Lame play on the name of a well known delivery company.”

20th Century Fox has bought the Dario Scardapane spec script for Jackman to star in. In the film he’ll be an FBI agent who travels to Miami to transport a criminal. On the trip they learn there’s more to each other than they ever suspected. What they learn is that they are each in a Midnight Run clone.

There’s still hope. The original Malcolm X, Denzel Washington, is part of the FBI’s Time Travel section in his next film, Déjà Vu – maybe he can lend Jackman his time tunnel (man, that sounds filthy) and let him rewrite the script according to my specifications.