The Witchblade cable series may have gone to the superhero graveyard to join M.A.N.T.I.S., Night Man and Black Scorpion, but it turns out that gal still has quite a pair.

Of movies, that is. Top Cow’s long-running comic book is getting back-to-back feature films courtesy of IDG Films, Relativity Media and Cow partners Platinum Studios. The Witchblade comic, which already became flesh for two seasons as a TNT series starring husky-voiced babe Yancy Butler, follows a female police detective who finds a mythical gauntlet that imbues her with powerful arcane abilities to combat evil (and exposes her fit body, for whatever reason). The plan is to start shooting the movies, budgeted around $40 million, in China some time next year.

On the topic of comic book characters named for edged weaponry, we already heard that raptor Sticky Fingaz (aka Kirk Jones) would be picking up the stakes once wielded by Wesley Snipes for Spike TV’s Blade pilot and proposed series. Now Comics Continuum has a few fuzzy snaps of the ex-Onyx member in ashing action, and he seems to fit the part just fine. Check out the rest HERE.