hjkhIs Sam Raimi going to bring the most hated Spider-Man character ever to the big screen? Could he be adding Ben Reilly to Spider-Man 3?

Maybe. You may recall Adrian Lester from Primary Colors, or maybe you know him from the UK show Hustle. Now he’s come on board the next Spidey story. Who is he playing? Beats him. Says Lester: "I haven’t even had a script yet. All I know is that I’m playing a research scientist who tries to cure the baddie of whatever badness he’s got. I don’t even know who the new baddie is!"

You’re wondering where I’m getting Ben Reilly, aka the Clone Spider-Man from the despised Clone Saga, from all of this. Simple – the Ultimate Universe. See, in Marvel’s rebooted Ultimate continuity, Ben Reilly is a black lab assistant who is mucking around with the symbiote Venom. And we’ve learned that Venom will be in this film.

I know that Sam Raimi has read at least some issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, but has he kept up with the continuing storylines?