Remember that little Piss and Vinegar
thing that used to be such a big part of Well, it’s had all
sorts of sex and birthed forth an offspring destined to eat it and take
over the countryside.

The Nation’s Punched. The rant site from the makers of By makers I mean me. Scared yet?

The idea is this:

think tank of contributors, some CHUD familiars and message board folks
and others from different places around the map all adding their own
little form to rants on everything from entertainment to politics to
relationships to the unexplained to aspects of our culture worth
noting. It’ll be my primary online destination from now on as CHUD
grows and grows and I try to use some non-film parts of my infantile

The sites are buddies, though they don’t really share the
same focus. The goal is to have fun and how Nation’s Punched works is
that each article in one of thirteen categories is delivered in one of
five blows from Light Jab to Haymaker, depending on the severity of the
attack. The results will be humorous, thought-provoking, meanspirited,
or just plain dumb. You decide.

And please… tell me what you think of our launch. 53 articles right out the gate. Not too shabby.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the latest in our little world of websites: