May 18

Film/TV: Ugly loss to the Diamondbacks. Just boring and shitty. That team has no right giving the Braves any sort of trouble but perennially they do! Especially in Phoenix. I love that ballpark, though. Should I keep track of all the horror that plays on my TV for the kids? If so, FUCK. The Cat in the Hat show is horrible and makes me hate Martin Short even more. Super Reader ought to die. The Teletubbies are from a vortex that’d make H.P. Lovecraft piss his wool.

Music: Listened to another disc of  ‘Cell’. I am so thrilled it’s not actually a zombie story like I dismissed it as. Listened to some Black Keys. Good stuff. Gonna share a favorite every day. Hope you dig. Here’s El Michels Affair’s great ‘Detroit Twice’. If you like Wu Tang, you have heard these guys. You NEED to buy their Wu Tang cover album but this album is the sweetest sauce.

Comedy: No, but I fell down… which is funny.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Made some breakfast for the little gentleman and myself. I ate, he threw. I made my own pasta sauce and created delightful meatball parm sandwiches and some pasta. We fed like champions. Leftovers of that for dinner. No booze. Some coffee.

Family: Rocco and I were together all day. We picked Mom up from her last radiation treatment (yay! 25 straight days of horror!) and celebrated by going to our favorite deli for supplies. I then removed Mom from the equation by dropping her at home. When Sofia was out of school we got her and the three of us hung out at The Forum and strolled, shopped, and hung out. It was a nice time. When Catherine got home at 5:45 I shot out of the house like a bullet to get some work done.

Friends: Tim Olive, an old family friend, came to see our patio work and ruminate on ways to improve. Saw Andrea at the office. She’s pretty much a bitch. Played ball with the X-Factor boys.

Work: As much as possible, though Wednesdays are rough due to smallcare and ball.

Animal of the Day: Nope, next week I resume schedule.

Art: Junk Junkerson.

Goodies: I picked up La Noire. I haven’t cracked the seal yet. I have to earn it.

Screenwriting: Poon.

Projects: Dude Dick.

Minutia: I am going to be a drama dodging fool for a while.

Activity: We won the championship! We won the league two weeks ago and have a big trophy to show for it as well as T-Shirts (which were leftovers from last year and said Winter ’10 Champs, which is lame) but we had to win two games to win the whole thing. We absolutely hammered the first team. It was a complete slaughter. I played Catcher, 2nd, and OF for the game and went 4-5 with a beautiful inside the park HR with two men on base, a patented opposite field screamer that hit the ground and spun past the outfielder into the corner. I made my mind up from the jump to go all the way around as it was the 2nd inning and a tie game. I almost lapped Dale, who was at first when I hit it. It was a lot of fun and got the team jazzed. Mostly because I took my hat off around around first and held onto it as I went around. Hair a-flowin’. The second game I caught and it was a tighter match but we ended up closing it out. I went 2-5 with two singles. A lot of fun.

Ailments: None.

Shrink’s Chair: I don’t what the hell I did to Dane Walker but damn he must hate me…

Asshole(s) of the Day: Stressface Officeface.

True Trivia: I never beat video games. I can’t remember the last console game I played through to the end.

What Did I Learn Today: Tuscan spices do wonders.

Link of the Day: The Iberian Pig. A great restaurant.

Wasted Domain of the Day: White background, black text. “”. What mismanagement.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: All sorts of Thursday shit.

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