May 19

Film/TV: Another dogshit Braves game against the dogshit Diamondbacks. Embarrassing.

Music: Listened to another disc of ‘Cell’. In the home stretch. Sharing a tune today from Mike Patton’s excellent Mondo Cane. Such a versatile dude. Enjoy Italian ballad!

Comedy: No, but we saw a fat dude wearing a tight colorful bike outfit with the Union Jack on it.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Starbucks oatmeal and fetal spinach wrap. Power Bar. Burger. Coffee. No booze. Vitamin Water.

Family: Not much at all! Catherine was home from work and she and her dad began working on waterproofing the patio… a doomed task.

Friends: Office folks. Renn and made movie magic. John and I rode bikes in midday. The Punishers softball team.

Work: The magical Friday Wrap-Up video. Little things here and there. Two conference calls.

Animal of the Day: Govern yourself.

Art: I don’t even know what art means.

Goodies: Other than assorted injuries, no.

Screenwriting: Almost done with the Western thing.

Projects: YES! Had a great call regarding genre stuff and collaborations and things that will please many but I must remain mum. Also got great possible news regarding the TV thing. For a change, some progress.

Minutia: I thought I was scary looking before. i wore a shirt with a gun on it and people kept a wide berth.

Activity: 17 miles on the bike paths with John. The last 9 of those were tough because the tires were low and it made the work that much harder. Unfortunately, it didn’t prepare me for ball. I was already aching when I got to the field. I didn’t play well, going 1-3 with a walk and a single. I played OF and then came in to pitch in relief. We got destroyed. That was the end of my Punishers career as I’ll not be going back, the reasons of which I’ve already detailed ad nauseum.

Ailments: I was ruined when I got home. Aching. Sharp pain in my side. Queasy. Too much activity, not enough food.

Shrink’s Chair: People that actually believe in something like the Rapture lose so much credibility with me. How sharp and logical can someone be when stuff like that isn’t treated with a scoff by them?

Asshole(s) of the Day: There were a few. The umpire with the asshole’s strike zone at the park. The bitch on the bike who practically rammed into me as we’re hauling ass down the path without as much as an “on your left”. The construction crew that prevented us from going North on the trail. Vampires. Priests. You name it.

True Trivia: I was devastated by shingles in my early 20’s, only leaving my house for treatment or for my friend’s Mom’s funeral. The only thing that kept me sane… Wing Commander III for the 3DO.

What Did I Learn Today: There is such a thing as trying to fit too much activity into a day.

Link of the Day: Osso Bucco Recipe. The ultimate comfort food. Make it. Live happier.

Wasted Domain of the Day: How doesn’t this exist?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Recovery. My kid’s 2.5 hour goddamn recital.

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