Twitch Film has received an exclusive look at the trailer for James Felix McKenney’s Hypothermia, which comes to us fresh from trying to woo distributors at Cannes. This is the latest co-production from Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix and Dark Sky Films (House Of The Devil, Stake Land), so check it out!

It’s hard to look at a horror film that sees men in a frozen wasteland thaw out some creature without thinking of THAT film, but it already looks great.
For those not familiar with James Felix McKenney, he’s the mad scientist behind the great killer-robot film Automatons (which stars Angus Scrimm, and you can watch online here) as well as Satan Hates You, his horror film that deals with the golden age of religious cinema. Glad to see him getting bigger budgets to play with because he’s a fascinating filmmaker.

Here’s hoping someone picks it up soon!