In this edition of The Neurotic Monologues: NOTHING…

Why didn’t I get this for my birthday (you know, the vodka)?


1.  When was the last time a posted anything here?

I’m going to wisely assume that of the 3 writers I had when I last posted anything on my Chud blog, I only have one left.  So here goes a big “hi there” to you:


I have once again neglected my Chud blog as I periodically do, for reasons related to casual employment, unemployment, injuries, laziness, anxiety about potential new job, book reading, general anxiety, and my brain refusing to work when I need it.  Typical stuff.

So here’s my lame attempt at bringing my blog back from the darkest depths of the abyss that is my ever shrinking mind.  Starting with —


2. So what happens with the Ergo Proxy write-ups?

Well, it’s been too long since the last post and I’m no longer motivated to write about each episode.  It was turning my favorite anime series into a chore.  So instead I plan to write some reasons why you should give it a chance and a story guide in chronological order, for clarity’s sake.


3.  What about SoundTracks?

Those are coming back, but as I still can’t embed videos, I’ll have to post links.  I don’t like it, but that’s all I can do.


4.  On a more personal note, is there an actual reason why people freak out when they turn 30?

I turned 30 last Saturday.  Here’s the thing:  about a week before turning 29, the thought that in one year I’d be 30 made me spiral into a horrible depression.  Things were a lot bleaker for me at the time and I was convinced that my 30th birthday would be miserable.  Aging had never bothered me but I was overtaken by a fear that I’d become one of those women whose only accomplishment was being very adept at hiding their age.

So along came my birthday and everything was alright.  I had a good time, felt no depression, and found no need to deny my age.  Maybe it’s the recent minuscule glimmer of hope about my employment situation and the understanding that there are things missing in my life that I must work on that allowed me to get on the 3rd floor of existence without problems.   Maybe it’s the 4 birthday cakes I got that made me see things through a sweet filter.  Maybe it was the cake firework candle I lit while holding it with my teeth that got me in a strangely better mood than normal (there’s photographic evidence of this incident, and I’ll never post it here, but I’ll say I look like a dragon spiting fire).

In conclusion, turning 30 is not the doomsday event I was expecting.  And the cakes were epic, as was my little fireworks stunt.


5.  I saw Fast Five yesterday.  It was great fun.

I’m not a gearhead.  I’m totally fine with public transport and don’t want anything to do with a car.  So not surprisingly, I’ve never been a fan of the Fast and Furious series.  But dear fellow blogger Erix recommended Fast Five with the promise of it being a glorious homoerotic experience.  And gloriously homoerotic it was.  The look of love between The Rock and Vin Diesel was majestic… But aside from that, it was a great action movie.    The car chase scene at the end was genius.  It had a great tone.  And the latino brothers had me laughing like a hyena.  I haven’t had that much fun at the movies in a long time.

Next I’ll see Thor in all its horrendous 3D glory that hopefully won’t be horrendous at all.


That’s all for now.  I hope to come up with something more substantial next time.