So, Mission: Impossible 3, the film that no one thought (or really cared) would get made, actually finished principal photography earlier last week and is well on its way to making its May 5th release to kickoff the summer movie season of ’06 (despite the fact that summer actually begins in mid June… science weeps).

But anyways, the bastardos over at Ain’t It Cool News have gotten their grubby mits on the brand new teaser poster for the film. Check it out by clicking here. It’s hott (pun intended)!

And if you care to see Tom Cruise and his team (one would hope) of IMF agents being all spy-like and shit, set your TiVos to record Entertainment Tonight this Monday as they will be premiering the trailer. Or, you could spare yourself and your TiVo’s hard drive the agony that is Entertainment Tonight by just heading over to Yahoo! Movies who will also have the trailer up online, Monday at 12:01am (P.S.T.).