There’s a shortage of quality science-fiction on the air, but Andy Cosby’s looking to change that with his upcoming Sci-Fi Channel series Eureka. The show won’t hit the airwaves until the summer (along with new episodes of Battlestar Galactica), but we’ve got a brief glimpse of what’s in store.

Normally we don’t cover a lot of television (outside of the occasional THUD newsbreak), but Cosby’s a longtime CHUD chum and it’s terrific to see a fellow full-fledged geek find some success with the type of genre material this site’s readership loves.  Besides Eureka, he’s currently adapting his vampire comic Damn Nation for a feature film, and his WWII adventure comic G.I. Spy may soon follow suit.

Eureka follows a US marshal who gets stranded in the small town of the title, a community he discovers is actually a top-secret “brain trust” where the government has various scientists working on potentially world-altering experiments. I have been promised that despite being on the Sci-Fi Channel, the show will not involve a single Stargate. Now if they’d just release The Chronicle and The Invisible Man on DVD.