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STUDIO: One World Studios
MSRP: $24.95
RUNNING TIME: 93 Minutes
Deleted Scenes
Full-color Booklet

The Pitch

“What’s more fun that watching a generic motorcycle show on television? Watching a bunch of jerks video tape their own motorcycle adventures!”

The Humans

Rico Fodrey, Kitty Noteboom, James Intvled and a special guest appearance by The Sinners!

The Nutshell

Watching sweaty guys build custom choppers has become popular programming on television, so it’s only natural that someone would want to capitalize on that and make a movie about choppers. A group of guys got together and decided to make a documentary about motorcycles because they felt that watching people put together $100,000 show bikes doesn’t capture the true spirit of motorcycling, The true spirit of motorcycling is watching these guys put together bikes, drink beer, listen to awful local bands and other boring stuff.

I wanna make you feel beautiful baby.

The Package

Choppertown: The Sinners is presented in its original full screen Sony Handycam aspect ratio. The DVD boasts incredible animated menus, which means that when you select anything you’re forced to watch a ten second clip of motorcycles on the interstate. The extra scenes are full of thrilling action that was simply too exciting to be included in the documentary. These scenes include motorcycles idling at a stoplight, using a dune buggy to create long skid marks on the road and cops giving the motorcyclists a small warning.

As if the fine film wasn’t enough, the DVD comes with a full-color booklet. This booklet lists the specifications of the chopper built in the film and is full of photos of the bikers because they’re so interesting. You’ll find yourself flipping through the book again and again to see their bright, smiling faces as they mug for the camera. A hard day at work? Relax in bed with this booklet and let your cares melt away. Pretty soon you’ll be creating an imaginary fantasy world where you’re friends with the bikers and accepted into their club. You’ll probably grow dissatisfied with your current friends and start seriously contemplating dropping out of school or quitting your job so you can cruise the open road with your chopper. That’s how impressive this twelve page glossy booklet really is.

The Lowdown

Remember when you got your first video camera and decided that it would be hilarious to film you and your friends goofing off? Then you try re-watching the tape and realize that you’re really not that interesting or funny after all? Yeah, your amateur recreation of a Wayne’s World skit with your cousin Lewis may be entertaining to the two of you, but you never seriously considered sending it to Lorne Michaels and demanding to be made into a cast member.

They should have sent a poet.

Choppertown: The Sinners is the tragedy that occurs when someone fails to realize just how uninteresting their home movies are. Just because you have a lot of fun spending as much time as possible away from your wives, working on motorcycles and drinking copious amounts of Busch Ice, doesn’t mean that anyone else is going to enjoy watching it.

The film is almost exactly like an episode of American Chopper, except for the fact that none of the bikers have interesting personalities and it’s 90 minutes long. Instead of seeing a funny family dynamic in between the boring building scenes, you get to witness a bunch of 40-year-old men getting into a fist fight at a local concert in some scummy watering hole. After that, it’s time for more wacky shenanigans like driving a truck around while a piece of metal hangs behind it on a chain, making sparks fly off the road and pissing off other motorists.

Apparently the “true spirit of motorcycling” is acting like a jackass all day. These bikers should take a hint from the other famous jackasses that filmed themselves and hit themselves repeatedly in the crotch with bats. They’d hopefully go sterile, preventing the creation of more infantile biker spawn, and make a more entertaining movie in the process.

0.5 out of 10