Peeved though he seems to be that Adam McKay let the cat out of the bag already, John C. Reilly spent a minute or two with MTV talking about their forthcoming Step Brothers Huff N’DoBack rap album. Based on the Prestige Worldwide rap duo that Will Ferrell and Reilly created in the movie, the album will be a full-length LP with a major, mysterious producer. It’s currently being written (not yet recorded).

He doesn’t have much to say about the album itself, but admits that the project is an excuse to get everyone together to discuss a potential sequel to Step Brothers.


Now we know the history of these guys and comedy sequels actually coming together, but Reilly is convinced there is an audience for it among the “young and old” the love the film, though they’d be disappointed if it weren’t up to snuff.

“Nobody likes a lame sequel… There’s such a strong connection to that ridiculous movie. We want to really make sure it’s the rocket sauce on the second time out.”

I’ve always thought Step Brothers was perfectly funny and enjoyable, but I’m frequently surprised by people who mark it as one of their favorite comedies, or at least their favorite among the McKay features. I’m a fan of anything that gets Reilly in front of a camera to be funny though, as he’s the kind of guy I can endlessly watch.

By all accounts though, Reilly is also an important dramatic presence in one of the most buzzed-about films at Cannes- We Need To Talk About Kevin. Playing a father who can’t understand his wife’s relationship with her potentially psychopathic child, he apparently helps paint the complex and emotional picture of parenthood and our responses to child tragedy since Orphan.

I love that Reilly possesses the range to tackle something like that and something like Dr. Steven Brule with equal ability.

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