I like pretty young thing Scarlett Johansson okay, and I understand that she’s the current "It Girl" but she should probably be wary of overexposure (and I’m not referring to her ample bosom, which she should feel welcome to expose). It just seems like she’s joining new projects with alarming alacrity.

Her latest is Chris Nolan’s dueling magician flick The Prestige, in which Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman shed their hero costumes to play 19th century stage illusionists who have a feud over one particularly impressive act they both perform.  Johansson will play a stage assistant with magical cleavage who’s dispatched by one prestidigitator to spy on their rival.

The $40 million film, based on the acclaimed book by Brit novelist Christopher Priest, is being adapted by the director’s brother Jonathan Nolan for the screen, and also stars David Bowie and Michael Caine. Johansson also recently straddled Borgia, Amazon and Napoleon and Betsy, and about seventeen other projects.  This week.  I suppose we should be grateful that, at the very least, she’s keeping roles away from Kirsten Dunst.