May 16

Film/TV: Another Braves victory over the benign Houston Astros. The latest episode of The Killing, which kills me with its meandering boringness.

Music: I worked on some stuff but listened to nothing interesting.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A bagel. Chicken & Tuna salad. Pasta. No booze. Coffee. Lots of water. Boring.

Family: Mom worked at the office for the first time in ages. We got our DVD review stuff squared, payroll squared, invoicing squared, and more! Talked trash with Catherine after work. Getting a busy weekend in order.

Friends: John showed up with his hybrid with the bike rack and we rode the daylights out of our bikes. The office loons.

Work: Busted my penis into smithereens from writing so hard. Lots of good stuff accomplished, as well as finishing touches on things that help the site(s) live a happy life.

Animal of the Day: Mike.

Art: Yawn. Poop.

Goodies: Zero goodies procured for a man, though for some dumb reason I want The Mechanic. What am I, dumb?

Screenwriting: Yes! But not the one I should be.

Projects: No, though I have some good ideas for the next Steve Alten collaboration.

Minutia: I hate my iPod Nano.

Activity: 15 miles on the bike. The weather was cool so we weren’t sweaty and the bugs weren’t an issue. Good stuff. We reached the end of the trail going towards Roswell but discovered that there’s another 10 miles going North so we’ll do that on Friday. Saw a friend, but it skittered away right as I got my camera ready:

Ailments: I’m well.

Shrink’s Chair: It’s amazing how cooler heads prevailing has helped me with four major issues this month. I was ready to cut bait on several fronts, glad I didn’t.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Whomever shat wildly in the stall at the Nature Center and didn’t flush. It’s not about THAT kind of nature.

True Trivia: Every morning I wake up and with one eye do my outstanding Words with Friends, Scrabble, and Qrank games before doing anything else. I call it my “Brain Opener”.

What Did I Learn Today: We can bike all the way from Exit 13 to Exit 10 on 400.

Link of the Day: The Most Adorable Yeti Ever. A hotly contested topic to be sure.

Wasted Domain of the Day: A fucking link collection bullshit? Give me that domain and I’ll make all sorts of whore out of it.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Two screenings. Ballgame. Smiles.

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