May 17

Film/TV: A Braves win on Brian McCann’s magical afternoon, which I missed. I left in the 8th inning with the Braves trailing to watch a film. I missed the magic. I saw Tree of Life (good, flawed, beautiful) and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie (ho hum but not some pestilence).

Music: Listened to another disc of ‘Cell’. Pretty good.

Comedy: Nope, unless you consider ‘Cell’ comedy.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Had a grilled chicken sandwich, a little rum, and a smoke (Drew Estates Liga Privada) at my beloved Dantanna’s/Buckhead Cigar Shop. Made a really good omelet for breakfast. It was nice to relax and watch some of the game while having a smoke.

Family: Watched the little man while waiting for Mom to return from treatment.

Friends: Renn at the screenings.

Work: Worked in the time leading up to the screening. Got some good stuff on the site(s), and was proud of my thus-ignored little dinosaur article.

Animal of the Day: Nope.

Art: Pooyan.

Goodies: I obtained Game of Thrones: The Book.

Screenwriting: Go away, absolutely nothing to see here.

Projects: No, but I really wish something would happen with that one… because there’s literally no reason it shouldn’t be lensing right now.

Minutia: Sean Penn should always play Brad Pitt’s son.

Activity: Nope.

Ailments: None.

Shrink’s Chair: I never understand why people have to secret their girlfriend/spouse into things. If it’s planned that way, cool. Otherwise, lay off. So many uncomfortable situations in the past because of it. I once had a friend who’s “significant” other would come to eat with us, and turn around in her chair and face the other way the whole time. Nightmare.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Grown men dressed as pirates at the screening. The worst part is that they were acting like rock stars, and not in the preferred “die in vomit on bathroom floor” sort of way.

True Trivia: There’s a gross three-way somewhere in this site’s back history. Luckily I was NOT involved.

What Did I Learn Today: Hookah charcoal is the most important decision in the process.

Link of the Day: Pepe Serna Owning it in ‘The Rookie’. We used to have this scene on rotation. There’s chewing scenery and then there’s puking scenery onto other scenery.

Wasted Domain of the Day: There is absolutely no business going on.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Kid watching. Mom’s last treatment. Softball tournament.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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