I’m not sure any of this makes any sense, so I’ll lay it out to you as I understand it…

Somehow, actor/filmmaker Mathew Butler (who appeared as a cop in The Da Vinci Code!) managed to get Ian McKellen to appear in and narrate an extremely cheap short film about a zombie outbreak in a small English village in the 1700s. This is the kind of short that has a website that looks like this, as well as the kind of painfully awkward shots like the one you’ll see at the very end of the trailer…

NOW, Butler has managed to roll this into a cheap feature-length motion picture that will star Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, and Gillian Anderson. Deals are being made as we speak at Cannes, for a £2 million budget to turn E’gad Zombies! into The Curse of The Buxom Strumpet.

Clearly Matthew is a very charming individual.

The cast will convene later in the year to make what looks to be the most prodigiously cast DTV zombie flick ever made. This joins –at a much smaller scale– the films Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in the coming wave of period supernatural monster comedies.

Perhaps shooting such a huge, anticipated film like The Hobbit is forcing McKellen to average himself back out with a sub-DTV zombie comedy. Sure, McKellen has slummed it before (Doogal doesn’t count, all of Hollywood collectively slummed it with that one), but this feels more like Malcolm McDowell’s speed.

Happens to the best of them, I guess.

Source | ScreenDaily (via /Film)

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