Just a few weeks ago we reported how Baz Luhrmann lost Ben Affleck, his first choice for the millionaire playboy Tom Buchanan, during pre-production of his ridiculous 3D Great Gatsby adaptation.  Leonard DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire are still on board and now so is Joel Edgerton, who beat out Luke Evans after readings with the director.

It does seem possible that they cast him with the Australian tax incentives in mind, as was widely reported. Not to slam Edgerton- he’s a great actor who seems like he’d be great for the role. He was fantastic as the weaselly arsonist in The Square and Gatsby will definitely give him another despicable character to shine as. The man also stars in The Thing, which hits later this year.

The Great Gatsby looks to start shooting in September for an August 2012 release date. This will be the seventh adaptation of the film.

A quick cast and character lesson-

Leonard DiCaprio- Jay Gatsby

He’s a young millionnaire and since the story is set in 1922, you can guess at what he does to make his money. (Hint- it ain’t legal.) He’s been obsessed with Daisy Fay Buchanan since he met her as an officer in World War 1.

Tobey Maguire- Nick Carraway

The narrator of the novel, he’s another WWI vet who moves to NYC from the Midwest to learn the bond business, and ends up becoming friends and neighbors with Gatsby on Long Island.

Carey Mulligan – Daisy Buchanan

Gatsby’s love interest and Nick’s cousin… and the wife of Tom Buchanan. Yeah, it gets complicated. She’s pretty but doesn’t have much to offer besides looks. She’s not even a very good mother.

Joel Edgerton – Tom Buchanan

Another millionaire dilettante, he’s also an adulterer who hits girls and is a white supremacist. Just a class act all around.

Isla Fisher – Myrtle Wilson

A married woman who is having an affair with Tom, even after he breaks her nose.

And read the book, willya? There’s a reason it’s consistently called one of the best American novels of the last century.