The buzzers in the seats for The Tingler. A skeleton on a wire zooming over the audience’s heads during the end of House on Haunted Hill. The punishment poll for Mr. Sardonicus. Our generation never got to experience it, but William Castle was always legendary for his gimmicks. It didn’t hurt that he made some great and entertaining little flicks, as well.

But while his gimmicks are common knowledge his life isn’t, which is why it’s exciting that Automat Pictures is bringing Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story to dvd.

Now this documentary hit festivals way back in 2007, winning the Audience Award for best documentary at AFI Fest, but it’s finally coming home with a nice special edition that has five hours of extra features.

Here are the specs-

*NEW AUDIO COMMENTARY with producer/director Jeffrey Schwarz, editor Philip Harrison, composer Michael “The Millionaire” Cudahy,  graphic designer Grant Nellessen with a special guest appearance from the GREAT beyond…William Castle!


* INTERVIEW OUTTAKES! Over one hour of additional chats about William Castle’s life and impact with Bob Burns, Darryl Hickman, Terry Castle, John Waters, John Landis, Diane Baker, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, John Badham, Marcel Marceau, Fred Olen Ray, Leonard Maltin and Forrest J. Ackerman!

* MASTER CLASS with WILLIAM CASTLE! An exclusive lecture given at the USC Film School in the Seventies, caught on tape!

* UNEARTHED, RARE FOOTAGE of the original THE TINGLER premiere in Texas, William Castle at the USA Film Festival and MORE!

* DEVILISHLY DELIGHTFUL VIDEO capturing the BALLYHOO of SPINE TINGLER! See the film’s buzz from the AFIFest Red Carpet Premiere (with appearance by the Tingler!), a lively Q&A, promotional interviews and many MORE

I’m excited. The dvd will hit stores on June 21st- you can preorder it through our Amazon link here.