Last month, we had a brief sputter of rumors for The Lone Ranger.  Ryan Gosling was rumored to take the title role, then Armie Hammer, and then…nothing.  It’s been a curiously quiet rumor mill.

And now the wheel isn’t turning at all.   It’s official:  Armie Hammer is The Lone Ranger.

The confirmation comes from Variety, and it’s probably not a coincidence that Disney is quietly shifting focus to Their New Franchise. The reviews for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides seem to be uniformly poisonous, and if the box office follows, Jack Sparrow may not sail again.

As I said before, I like Hammer for the role.  He’s young and handsome, but he’s not a limp pretty boy.  He’s obviously confident enough in himself and his career to take the more thankless role in this film.  Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp have both described their Lone Ranger as “Tonto’s story” and not the gallant and dusty tale of an anonymous crimefighter.    Considering the weird West Verbinski trotted out in Rango, I’m definitely curious to see what he brings to the table in this, even if I did kinda, sorta hope to see it played a little more authentic.