casThe other day I reported to you that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be returning for The Grudge 2, the least necessary sequel in history, since the original didn’t even have a fucking plot to continue. At the time I said that I thought her continued starring roles in crappy PG13 genre films was a bad career move.

Obviously she reads CHUD, and wanted this cleared up, as it has been revealed that SMG will really be cameoing in the movie. She’ll be passing the film’s curse on to another lead actor, who has yet to be cast.

The Grudge 2 will be directed by Takashi Shimizu, who has now directed 67 versions of it. I don’t think I have seen anyone stake their career to one property this much since George Takei. I don’t blame him, though – look for my review of his latest film, Marebito, later today, where I will say that it is a bad, bad film. But using more words.