bfeThe 40 Year Old Virgin DVD is hitting stores next week (there’s a theatrical version and an unrated version with 17 extra minutes put in – buy either version from CHUD right here!), and I had a chance to speak to Seth Rogen and director Judd Apatow about it recently. Seth’s interview will be up tomorrow and Judd’s on Monday (along with an excellent contest!), but in the meantime I thought I would bring you some tidbits about their next film together, which sees Rogen as a romantic lead.

“It’s currently titled Knocked Up, and it’s about me impregnating a girl who is way out of my league on a one night stand,” Seth told me.

“It’s a romantic comedy that stars Seth, and my wife Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd are also in it,” Judd said. “It’s an odd romantic comedy. Any romantic comedy with Seth in the lead would be odd in some way.” The film should start shooting sometime early next year, and there was just a table read of the script yesterday. Judd says that Rudd killed at it.

“I decided to make another small movie after 40 Year Old Virgin,” he says. “It’s a small relationship comedy. I feel like Seth really can carry it without too many fireworks.”