Director Rob Cohen, whose area of expertise has historically involved hurtling various objects at high velocity (usually followed by random explosions), will bring the life of recently deceased filmmaker/boob-worshiper Russ Meyer to screens.

Cohen has groped the Meyer biography “Big Bosoms and Square Jaws” (which I’m sort of doubting will be the film’s final title, but should be… BUY IT HERE!), and will direct and produce the feature adaptation along with former Revolution partner Todd Garner, chronicling the influential fetishistic auteur’s early rise to infamy (and hopefully how he located such wondrously bountiful ladies). Meyer’s low-budget sexploitation flicks like Supervixens and Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (my personal favorite) became notorious for their wanton violence and women with improbable cup sizes.

In a way, the involvement of The Fast and the Furious helmer makes sense – in addition to a multitude of humungous breasts, Meyer’s movies usually featured drag races, loud music and general excess. Cohen, who had his big-budget Sinbad project sunk due to the inert box office performance of Stealth, also has prior biopic experience that includes Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Rat Pack and Daylight.