Was anyone expecting a reboot of The Flinstones? I guess I should have been, but I wasn’t. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to come from Seth MacFarlane, but apparently it’s been the Family Guy guy’s dream for some time. Well, hot on the heels of Fox’s new schedule not including The Cleveland Show, MacFarlane has gotten the go-ahead from Fox/WB to begin redeveloping the property for both film and television.

The news comes from Deadline, who style the story as one filled with heavy negotiations and lawyerly oversight across several years, as Fox and WB Television have been nervous about the master of poop-filled gallows humor being let loose on such a family friendly property. It seems like a new version of the TV show will come first, with a movie to follow if it’s successful I suppose?

I liked the first few seasons of Family Guy well enough when I was in middle/high school, but even those early episodes haven’t held up well when I revisited them, and anytime I’ve run across the show recently it’s just been one “oh no” after another. Overall the MacFarlane brand hasn’t really pushed well outside of Family Guy, though American Dad and the Star Wars-related spin-offs have admittedly had a life of their own (and his role in Hellboy 2 was fun). With this and his movie gearing up though, I guess we’ll find out if his sensibilities are any more tolerable when applied to something other than Griffin family.

Oh no.

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